Network Engineering – NOC

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  • Posted on May 6, 2020

Network Engineering – NOC

Muhammad Fadhil Aziz Nurrohman



Hello I'm Muhammad Fadhil Aziz N

my friend call me ‘Fadhil’ i have experience as
network engginer
Skill in cisco , mikrotik , wireless, juniper




Static routing, Dynamic Routing (OSPF, EIGRP, RIP) EGP(BGP),Acess list ,NAT
PAT,GRE Tunnel HighAvailbility(HSRP,VRRP,GLBP)
VLAN, trunking, Trunk MLS, Trunk allowed, VTP, VTP
revision number, Intervlan routing, SVI, DHCP, DHCP
MLS, Port – security, Spanning tree protocol, Root
bridge STP, Spanning tree port fast, Etherchannel
(LAGP, PAGP, layer 3), SSH telnet, port security 

Network management ( setting DHCP,make static DHCP , web proxymikrotik, transparent proxy, hotspot,
management user hotspot, IP binding, walled garden)
firewall (configuration protecting router with filter rules, firewall logging, block sites , block content
,connection tracking and state ) QoS (simple queue,simple,burstlimit, PCQ)
Routing (Routing static and dynamic, OSPF backbone and non baackbone, OSPF Virtual link, OSPF
Redudancy, RIP, MME, Sumarization,) BGP (iBGP peering, iBGP peering loopback, eBGP
peering, eBGP peering loopback, BGP next hope self, BGP authentication, BGP route reflector )


Vlan, vlan – tagging, syslog, rollback, SNMP, NTP, SSH
telnet, static route, OSPF single area – multi area, IS – IS
single area – multi area, routing policy, redistribute
protocol, firewall

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