Android and Backend Talent

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  • Posted on July 18, 2018

Android and Backend Talent

Siti Zuhriyah Ramadhani



Talent About


my name is Siti Zuhriyah Ramadhani and you can call me Mada or sizura.

I was born in Tangerang 5 December, 2001.

One of my hobbies is reading books, writing various words with design, and photography.

I am a person who likes to try and be interested in almost anything..




Manifest, MVP Architecture, UI Control, UI Layout, Fragment, Activities, Style & Theme, Content Provider, Robo POJO, JSON GSON, PHP & MySql, Shared Preference, API Retrofit, Intent & Filter, Control Flow, Data Structure, Google Console


Manifest MVVM Architecture, UI Control, UI Layout, Fragment, Activities, Style & Theme, Robo POJO, Json Gson, PHP & MySql, Shared Preference, API Retrofit, Intent & Filter, Control Flow, Data Structure, Anko



Work & Experiences


Actually this company has 2 pt and I am an apprentice in one of them, which can be said as a software house, my position here as a junior mobile developer, but I control more of the android mobile backend.
Here I really learned how to work with the team directly, how to bring together various opinions, and also how to be responsible for our work, and for myself I am very hard working because usually I am a front-end developer, and here I am a back- end developer who also takes care of security from an app. so this is one of the challenges for me too.



2nd in Techcomfest 2020 – Polines Semarang

Feb 2020

Maybe this is my last competition as an idn student, this is a software development competition in Semarang or precisely in Polines, this competition is for University and national high school and only 10 teams are selected, in this competition me and the team get 2nd winner.

Techcomfest 2019

Mar 2019

In 2019 we also participated in the techcomfest, at that time I was still in 2nd grade of junior high school, in this year my team entered as a finalist there was also a 2nd winner, as
well as 2020 this competition was also a national competition and was open to junior high school and university.

Smart Hackathon 2018


Smart Hackathon is a national technology competition that was initiated by (APHI) PGRI and Coding Smart Academy, in collab with KOMINFO, KEMENDIKBUD,Followed by 160 participants from
40 vocational / high schools and homeschooling from 25 cities in my team represents IDN And we passed to the semi-final stage.and it’s very awesome! for me

Dilo Hackathon 2018


This year I also participated in a competition in Surabaya, and this is my first time in Surabaya. This competition was open to the public so at that time my friends and I fought with people who already had their own start-up, their own community, etc. We passed to the final stage so we were able to be in Surabaya at that time,

Hackartini 2018


Okay this is the most memorable competition because this is my first competition, where Iwas in First Grade , first time speaking in front of a crowd and presenting something, and it was a funny
memory for me,held in a Trilogi university and open to the public and we are the only children smk

Finalist Competition Poetry in Binus University 2018


Let’s get out of the discussion of technology competitions, in this competition I once took part in a poetry competition, at that time I was still in 1 grade if not mistaken and I really like writing related things like poetry, or just random words or like motivation etc. this is also the first time I want to take part in a poetry contest

Photography Competition 2018


This is one of my hobbies, and at that time I tried to compete, this competition was held by Chandrasa School via online and this is still the beginning I like photography, even I have forgotten which photos I sent at that time, but I still remember how speechless I am waiting for the results of the announcement


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