Rosihul Ulum

Rosihul Ulum

Software Designer, UI/UX


Talent About

Hello, my name is Rosihul Ulum, I was born on
April 14, 2002 in Bekasi, I was born in Bekasi
and live in Bekasi until now.
Before I entered IDN, I didn’t know anything
about IT, after a few years of studying at IDN I
was familiar with Android Studio, XCODE,
Design, and so on.


  1. Android Java
  2. Swift
  3. Web Design
  4. Figma
  5. Android Studio
  6. XCODE
  7. Sublime Text
  8. Adobe XD
  9. Adobe Photoshop
  10. Objective-C
  11. XML
  12. Design
  13. Android SDK
  14. Team Work

Work & Experiences

  1. PT. Century Batteries Indonesia
  2. Acara Mengajar di SMK IDN
    Mengajar Augmented Reality
  3. Leadership Camp

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