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  • Posted on May 6, 2020

iOS & Android Developer

Muhammad Hilmy Fauzi


Talent About

Hei, its me Hilmy Fauzi, a passionate young man who love to work with energetic people on the same vision as him. Likes to solve problems in any kind of ways, loves to share, and always eager to grow, learn, and try something new from time to time.
He is an independent worker who endeavoured to develop his understanding in the field of programming. He was a proactive learner who took learning into his own hands, engaging in research and development to broaden and deepen his knowledge.
Began his professional journey by become android developer in few companies in Indonesia and Singapore as internship boy, and love to help client achieve their goals and grow their brands in the best way.




User Design, MVP, MVVM, UI Component, Android SDK, RESTful API, GIT and Scrum, Postman, Firebase, XML Design, Room & SQLite, HTML, CSS, Javascript / jQuery, PHP / MySQL


Mac OS, iOS Swift Fundamentals, Sketch
Research, Hard Worker, Team Working, Confident, Independent, Responsible


Work & Experiences

Google Android Kejar Facilitator

After previously only being a participant in the Google program, in the next opportunity I tried to register as a facilitator to see how far my understanding of Android programming was, even though I knew that I still in grade 2nd of high school. And finally I was chosen to be a facilitator for the Batam region. a very pleasant experience because at that time my participants were mostly already in college and some even had children.

Apple Developer Academy

When the final semester of school, I decided to enroll in the Apple Developer Academy program in Batam, this is Apple’s developer school that aims to educate participants to get to know Apple products better and help solve social problems with them. The Apple Developer Academy @Infinite Learning is a commitment to empower Indonesia’s economy by creating world-class developers for the world’s most innovative and vibrant app ecosystem

PT Derap Kreasi Persada

After more than 30 times emailing and applying to many companies, i finally got my first job as internship in PT Derap Kreasi Persada, i worked there as android developer internship. I done a lot of research here, and also finding and fixing bug on previous projects my team have been working on. The projects that i have been working here is BearNI (sticker app in project session), and many more

SilverActivities – The Hangar, Singapore

Working abroad is a dream for everyone, especially developers because that way we can add more connections and experience, and here I work at a software company engaged in the social field, more precisely the empowerment of the elderly. They have made a lot of elderly empowerment programs, one of which is silverpad, a seniorfriendly tablet.

Projects & Award

SilverPad – Senior-Friendly Tablet

iOS App

This is one of many applications that i was working on during my internship in one of social company in Singapore, our purpose is focusing to make life for elder funnier and easier so thats why we make this app, i working a few critical functionalities on the app during my internship, and working there is one of the best experiences of my life because beside the “overseas” thing i got, i came to understand better how to make design that suits the target user and in this case because our target user is the elderly, so i often told by my senior to keep the design “big” so the elderly can easily understand the purpose of using the application.

Football Match

Android App

This application serves to display the results of soccer match scores in several top leagues, which also displays club details and even individual players for each club you choose, you can also manage your favorite teams, players and matches directly on the app. This application data is obtained from public APIs which are used by developers all over the world.

Ins Video

Android App

This application displays the best short videos of award-winning, you can choose one of several available videos and play it directly in the application. Data from this application is obtained from several websites from trusted sources that are widely used by people

Arbain Nawawi

Android App

This application displays the best short videos of award-winning, you can choose one of several available videos and play it directly in the application. Data from this application is obtained from several websites from trusted sources that are widely used by people

Text To Speech

Android App

This simple application is able to convert text from any sentence we enter into the sound of various languages around the world. You only need to enter the text you want to hear in the available fields and then select the language you want to hear and the application will automatically output the selected language once you press the button.

BK App

Android App

This application is suitable for learning in school because it can help supervise violations of violations that occur in the school environment, you only need to enter the necessary data about the violations that you see such as the name of the student, class, type of violation, and information in the field available, thus violations can be monitored and can then be followed up by school counseling

NBA Club

Android App

This simple application aims to educate users by showing data about NBA basketball clubs, data displayed in the form of logos, full names, dates of establishment, field headquarters, some detailed info about the club and also
social media from each club that can be directly accessed via application.


Android App

This simple application gives the impression as comfortable as possible for the user to allow the user to generate good quotes from many world leaders, you can also copy the quotes you get and share them on social media.

3rd in Dinacom Apps 2018

Android App

Our feelings have been very mixed and nervous since we arrived in Semarang where the event was held, we had to fight people who were mostly senior, but our teacher kept encouraging us and said to remain confident in any results, and finally when we announced our championship. I was very happy even though I only got 3rd place, but in terms of skill and ability it was very good.



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