Developer Android & Designer UI UX

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  • Posted on May 6, 2020

Developer Android & Designer UI UX

Muhammad Hanif Syakir


Talent About

Wass up, let me introduce myself.

My name Mohammed Hanif Shaqir ! you can call me

“Hanif” or “Shaqir”.

My experience as Android Developer with a demonstrated

history of intern in the mobile apps company and i’m very interested to become graphic designer / UI UX.

Experienced for developing with Students who focus on Mobile Apps, Graphic designer, and UI/UX.



XML Layouting, Media Player,
Android Widget,
Navigation Drawer,
Web View,


use it for 3 years to make poster, cover

photo editing


Adobe Illustrator
use it for 2 years to make logo

illustration, etc


Adobe XD
use it for 1 year to create
UI/UX application, prototyping


Adobe Lightroom
use it for 2 year to edit image,


use it for 2 years, to make mockup applications, design magazines, etc


Teaching Experiences

SMK Al Irsyad Cirebon

In the first grade of my school have a program called “IDN Mengajar” that student must teaching in another school.

The first purpose is you can learn, interactm and sharing with others students.

The second purposeis you can get a new experience, and story. And also we get another perspective from others student


Books and Project

 How to basic for ios developer

That is my first project that i really into it, my first books from 10th grade when i don’t know any knowledge about design and it’s very simple i’m using canvas for make it, i usually make many cover but this is the best i can do on that time..


Cinema Android Apps

This project that i develop during the internship with my partner. This project is a prototype of cinema apps for an android and i’m developing this using Sketch.

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