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  • Posted on May 6, 2020

Developer Android

Reza Isma Alviansyah


Talent About

Hello, I’m Reza Isma Alviansyah! You can call me “Reza“.

I am experienced as an Android Developer with a history shown working in the computer software industry and interested in becoming a UX graphic / UI designer. Have been skilled in SQL, PHP, Database, Java, Swift, Sketch Experienced techniques with students who focus on Computer Software and Media Applications from SMK IDN.





Android User Input Java Basic, Android UI Layout Database Postman, Basic Java Retrofit, User Input Robo Pojo Layouting, Maps, Kotlin Basic, Recycler View, Git Collaboration Navigation Drawer, Media Player, Media Data, Core Data, JSON


Mac OS, iOS Swift Fundamentals, Git Push And Android API, Database PHP & MySQL
Team Work, Responsible, Confident, Creative


Work & Experiences

MNC Group

My friend named nouvel during an internship at a company called PT.MNC Play.

Leadership Camp

We traced the forest and at that time we were given a compass to get to the point where we would set up camp together, and my friend who understood how to read the compass led the way, on the way the most frequently complained problem was the water supply

English Camp

After the leadership camp, during the orientation period students held an English language camp, for 1 month we studied English there we were trained to speak and if in class we used Indonesian would be punished ie speaking on the roadside loudly or with a face full of powder. After the English Camp Program, the orientation committee also held a Quran Camp where we were given a target to memorize 3 juz within 1 month, we were given time to memorize from morning to night and save them.


Projects & Books

My Indonesia

Android App

This application serves to provide information about cities in Indonesia, tourist place and special foods from cities in Indonesia

Panduan Puasa Ramadhan

Android App

This application is made for Muslims, where this application discusses the guidelines for Ramadan fasting, this application consists of the understanding of Ramadan fasting, Ramadan fasting law, Ramadan fasting examples, harmony and terms of Ramadan fasting, wisdom of Ramadan fasting, etc. the purpose of this application is to notify the Muslim people who do not really understand about what is fasting

Pendataan Pelanggaran Siswa

Android App

The application was made to record student violations, where the data displayed in this application is accurate data as entered by the musyrif, and this application can also organize data neatly from the largest to the smallest violations and record the time of the incident. This is an application made by my Ujikom group, which consists of me, Taqi, and Abi

MNC Play

Android App

This application was made to record the survey results of surveyors who work in the field, this application was made to facilitate surveyors who work in the field. this application is the same application for my friend named nouvel during an internship at a company called PT.MNC Play

Tutorial Ios AppĀ 


There is a book that I made when I was in grade 10, this book is titled “Tutorial Ios App”, the contents of this book are ways to make basic applications on Xcode.



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