Nahl Munif Basalamah

Nahl Munif Basalamah

Product Designer & Fullstack Developer


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Nahl Munif Basalamah

Hello, I’m Nahl, I’m a Product Designer And Fullstack Developer, live in Depok City, Indonesia. I love to design and developing applications, especially on UI and UX, and frontend stuff is what I like the most.


Programing language

Javascript, PHP, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Dart


Native Mobile Environment

Android Native with Java and Kotlin, XML Layouting, Rest API with Fast Android Networking, MVP, MVVM, Room, Database layer, Jetpack


Web Front-end Environment

JAMSTACK, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Webpack, PWA, Firebase Real-Time Database, Firebase FireStore, Firebase Auth, Tailwind.css, Netlify Hosting and Deployment, Headless CMS using Strapi CMS and Cockpit CMS


Web Back-end Environment

Node.js, Express.js, Laravel, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MongoDB


Design Environment

Design principles, Prototyping using Figma, Gravit Designer





Google Developer Kejar 2019

Google Android Programing Online Scholarship on Google Authorized Training Partner (Dicoding Indonesia)

Apple Academy 2021 @IL Batam Cohort 2

Apple’s educational program in Indonesia committed to empowering Indonesia’s economy by creating world-class developers for the world’s most innovative and vibrant app ecosystem.



Digital Fatih Indonesia

3 Months internship at Digital Fatih Indonesia, building Android app for Genpro (Business Community)

Amanah Corporation

3 Months intern at Amanah Corporation, building Islamic apps name “BisaBerbagi” which includes Quran, Qibla, Daily Adzkar


Berbagi Interactive

Building own tech studio, Berbagi Interactive, try to make an impact with tech



Experience at receive freelance projects.




Udinus Dinacom 2019 Conteder winner

Contender winner with 2 of my classmate at Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang Dinacom Competition 2019


School Local Hackathon 3rd winner

Won the 3rd place at school local individual hackathon, I build an attendance app


Bonus Malang UI UX Competition 2020 2nd winner

2nd Winner at Binus Malang UI UX Competition with my classmate, I the time we create CyberCare prototype – an app for solving cyberbullying and pornography.


Finalist Competitive Programing at Pingfest Universitas Sebalas Maret 2020

Finalist at Pingfest C++ Competitive Programming UNS 2020


Finalist Hacakthon Santri 2021

Finalist at Hackathon Santri, at we introduce our app HalaqaKu, Quran memorization App.



You can get my portfolio here:

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