Kevin Ahmed Pelawi

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  • Jakarta
  • Posted on May 8, 2020

Kevin Ahmed Pelawi

Network Engineering



Talent About

Yo, Kevin Ahmed Pelawi
it’s my name, my friend
used to call me Kevin.
My mom gave birth
to me on October 4,
2001 before the
anniversary of the TNI




– Preconfig : Upgrade, Downgrade, Backup, Import, Export, Soft & Hard reset,NTP
– Firewall : Filter Rule, Logging, Content, Address list
– Wireless : PTP, PTMP, VAP, Mac Address, Filtering, Nstreme, Bridge
– Static Routing : Failover, Load Balance
– Dynamic Routing : OSPF
– Tunneling : PPTP, PPPoE, L2TP


– Preconfig: Hostname, Password & Secret, Telnet & SSH, Save Config.
– Switching: VLAN, InterVLAN, VTP, STP, Port Security, Spanning Tree Portfast, Etherchannel
– Static Routing
– Dynamic Routing : EIGRP, OSPF
– High Availability: HSRP, VRRP
– NAT: Static & Dynamic, Overload
– Access list: Standard & Extended
– Tunnel GRE



Work & Experiences

Ecogreen Oleochemicals

My First internship at company called “Ecogreen Oleochemicals”. This company is produce some chemicals that used to soap, deterjen, etc. I worked at IT departement and my position there is IT helpdesk. My task is to help employees in this company who used the computer for work, if they get into trouble on their computer, i’ll help them and doin’ troubleshoot for it. I don’t get a salary here, but instead, they gave me free lunch at the canteen and free transportation too.



World War Cisco

Operation Super Lab of Cisco


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