iOS Swift Developer

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  • Posted on May 2, 2020

iOS Swift Developer

Farras Abiyu Handoko


Talent About

I am Farras Abiyyu Handoko, people call me farras, but close
friends call me “doko”. I am from Batam, born there I mean.
I am an Android developer, tried react native and web crawl,
but now I’m trying to become expert ios developer since
apple academy @IL hire me! :v. Learned from IDN high school, and graduated from with major on software developer.



Rest API, Retrofit ,ROBO POJO, SQLite, Butteknife, Glide, Picasso, MVP Pattern, Recycler View, List View, Card View, Android Permission, Spinner, Fragment, Action Share, Action Bar, Intent, Layout Inflater, Generate Signed APK, Refactor Package, Change Apps Icon, Debugger Mode, Image Asset, Widgets, Splash Screen, Scrolling Activity, Tabbed Activity, Bottom Navigation, Web View, Material Design, Navigation Drawer, Add SDK Repository, Signature Pad Plugin, Share Project On Git.


Swift, API, Core Data, Tab Bar, Cocoapods, Change Apps Icon, Launch Screen, Web View, Share Project On Git, One Signal.


React Native | Javascript, API, Image Picker, Debugger Mode, Work with state and props, Expo, Native, Library Import.
Adobe | Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Sketch.
Microsoft | Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point.
Language | Indonesia (Native Language), English, Arabic.
Git | Pull, Push, Fetch, Commit, Merge, Tags, Branch, (Bitbucket, Github, Sourcetree).


Work & Experiences

Apple developer academy @IL

For some reason, I think I wanna be an iOS Developer. God give me a way to get this Academy to mastering iOS Developing. From the academy I learn some new thing, such as work as a team, designing hi-fi project, discuss something, make a synthesis of a problem, etc. The Academy facilitating the learner what learner needs. They give the learner powerful devices ause they think “Give someone powerful devices and they’ll make powerful things”.  As long as you there you can borrow some apple devices to learn new things. Its very comfortabel to learn there.


In the school I focussed to learn on Android Developer till I take an Expert Course. But when I worked here they told me to work as an iOS developer, sometimes life isn’t the same as you want. I never worked on Android developer on my life, even though I more focussed to be Android developer. But this company teach me something about iOS developer. This is the first time I started my life as an iOS developer.

Acejob Pte Ltd, Singapore

It is Acejob Pte Ltd, Singapore based company. I worked from Batam for the company, and its how the company look in Batam. I worked on iOS part to make an app to track the public bus in Singapore. The company wants to make app like RushOwl, you can search it. Here I worked as web crawler too, even though I’m don’t have any “web” background but never hurts to try.


Projects & Award

Bhisma Institute

Android App

Application to study english language for Indonesian especially who join Bhisma course. The app is created by four people, they are me (Farras), Arjuna, Ibnu, Rojan. We create this app to reduce paper usage (paper less) for Bhisma course. Bhisma is english learning center or people usually say course located in pare.


iOS App

Haramville is the app to order ticket to do Hajj, moslem ritual to get big reward from god. The app is available in Android & iOS, you can download it. The app is still semi-auto, need some person to operate. I got the ios part, but I failed to work on the app, I’m sorry for the project manager ! I just got partial payment of the money” Then I realize I still need to learn more and got to the Apple Academy to learn something about iOS developer..

Teras Masjid

Android App

Teras Masjid is an app for simple app for charity. Its helping customer buy something in mosque area. In every purchases there is Rp 100 taken for charity. Can you imagine if there 100 purchase every mosque, and there 100 mosque in a city, the charity is Rp 1,000,000 per day ! amazing!!. This app is created by me (Faras),  Arjuna, and Ibnu. The app is created for the contest” purpose only.

Chat Room

Android App

Free chat app, Anoimously, no password required

Own Signature

Android App

App for drawing your own signature

Simple Note

Android App

App for Note the important thing

Video Player

Android App

App for playing, video from your local storage

Membuat Aplikasi Iphone/Ipad bagi Pemula


I created a book named “Cara membuat aplikasi iPhone / iPad bagi pemula”. The book is created by me on the first semester of the school, if you find any mistakes on it please forgive me. the book is about tutorial on how to make iOS / iPad app for beginner. contains 100 pages or so. sized A5.



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