Android Java & Flutter Talent

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  • Posted on July 18, 2018

Android Java & Flutter Talent

Haura Salsabila Az-Zahra



Talent About

Hi, I’m Haura.
Writing is my hobby, coding and good at memorize is my talent. In the past, I felt myself same as school student in general. But now because at school I learn a lot about programming and finally I could coding, I became myself different from other school student. This knowledge is rare, and I am proud to have learned it. Because I can coding, I can make useful applications for many users. And hopefully from all of that, I can get a lot of rewards in hereafter. From my experiences, made a project when internship, taught programming languages to others, got a certificate Become Android Developer Expert (2019), 2nd in the Techcomfest Competition in POLINES (2019), etc, but I still called myself ‘Noob’. Because there is still a lot of knowledge that I don’t know yet. But I believe,”Every master was a noob in their time”. Now I’m still in my noob time, and I’m sure I can become a master from time to time by going through many of my experiences later.




Manifest, MVP Architecture, UI Control, UI Layout, Fragment, Activities, Style & Theme, Content Provider, Robo POJO, JSON GSON, PHP & MySql, Shared Preference, API Retrofit, Intent & Filter, Control Flow, Data Structure, Google Console


Manifest MVVM Architecture, UI Control, UI Layout, Fragment, Activities, Style & Theme, Robo POJO, Json Gson, PHP & MySql, Shared Preference, API Retrofit, Intent & Filter, Control Flow, Data Structure, Anko 


BLOC, Async, Stream, Shared Preferences, JSON, Dart Layouting


Work & Experiences


This application provides products originating from rural business. This application includes e-commerce application that make it easier for people to buy and sell products from the countryside.

Happy your wedding day with WEDDINC. The essence of this application is to help users to be able to prepare their wedding day well.
Sales School information system is an application for parents of student guardians to find out various information on students and teachers who will enter data such as student daily absences,
student achievement, student work, and so on in an update.
This application is a Kaliwungu Puskesmas feedback service application to facilitate the responses given by patients about the good and bad health centers.



Hackartini Competition

Apr 2018

This is the first took part in the hackaton competition. Because it was held on Kartini Day, so the event was called Hackartini. This hackartini was held at the Trilogy University in Jakarta. Even though I haven’t won the champion yet, here I have very much useful experiences.

Dilo Hackathon Competition

Sep 2018

I also participated in the DILO Hackathon competition in Surabaya. There, I competed with many people who were working and students. We are given 24 hours to code, after that for questions from the judges and application presentation.

2nd in Techcomfest Polines Semarang

Feb 2020

It feels great to win the competition at Techcomfest which was made by the Polytechnic University
of Semarang. Although it is still not the first time, we are very proud of the results that we got. Me and my 3 other friends worked very hard to win this competition. No sleep, staying up late, chasing time, and all tired already paid.Hopefully this achievement can make our school proud.

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