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Android Talent

Abdullah Azzam Fawwazi


Talent About

Hello Fams..
My name is Abdullah Azzam Fawwazi,
But you can call me Ajam!.

i was born in South Jakarta,

April 08, 2002.


          • SQL
  • PHP
  • Basis data
  • JSON
  • Java
  • Media Player
  • Firebase
  • Kotlin
  • Layouting



          • SQL
  • PHP
  • Database
  • JSON
  • Firebase
                • Layouting
                • UI/UX


Work & Experiences


Well now my time for an internship, oh yes this is my second internship for 2-3 months more or less, here my friends and have the task to work on projects from the office. there the office people are very friendlyand we are also given flexible working hours to come to work, here we are divided into 2 teams. i and taqy to work on the application project for attendance at the office.


So this is my first internship place name is klikpeta, there I am pious and rio given the task to work on the application for sales so in the application we can check whether the sales are delivering the goods or can not be seen in the application. yes even though we only have 1 month we enjoy internships there hehhehe


Android & IoS : Dzikir Pagi & Petang

this is my first application to be displayed at the expo event and also the appearance of children’s work at my school. The name of the application is dzikirqu, there are 2 versions, one of which is Android, while this one is iOS the usefulness of this application is to make it easier for you to read / listen to dzkir morning and evening just download it in the appstore.

Android – Si Doni – Applikasi Donor Darah

On left side is the application project of the 3rd internship near the ragunan zoo, oh yes here i am working with fatah and also abi its use is SIDONI (Indonesian Blood Donation Information System) is a digital application developed by the PMI Blood Transfusion Unit in Kab. Tangerang. With this application, donors will be connected in real time not just to see the schedule of the nearest donor activity or blood stock, donors can also see the history of previous blood donations (for data that has been verified)..

Book XCode – Learning IOS Coding with Swift

First books i direct


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