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  • Posted on May 2, 2020

Android Talent Developer

Arjuna Wika Pratama


Talent About

Hi, my name is Arjuna wika
pratama, or you can call me arjuna
atau juna . im born in magelang,
on 15 April 2002 . 
I am experienced as an Android
developer and backend developer.
with educational background
computure software industry and
intrested to learn about
experienced engineering with
students who focus on computer
software and media application from




Android User Input Java Basic, Android Ui Layout, Android My SQL, Database Postman, Php Web Service, Git, Android API, Basic java Retrofit, user input Robo POJO, using api mvp, layouting, maps, basic kotlin, MVP (Model – View – Presenter), Git Collaboration, XML Layouting, Database PHP&MySQL, Recyler View, Navigation Drawer, Media Player, View Pager, Shared Preference


Mac OS, iOS Swift Fundamentals, Sketch, Alamofire, Swifty JSON, Maps, Media Data, Core data, JSON
Creative, Confident, Team Work, Keep Spirit, Responsible


Work & Experiences

Agape Soft Inc

I did an apprenticeship for about two months, a lot of experience that I took during the internshipwas how to work in a company, have new friends, and i get change to join with my team to make SMART DEALER

SMART DEALER Admin is the first mobile application from PT. Agape Software International. This application makes it easy for
salesmen or agents in selling motorcycles. Through this application, you can get the latest motorcycle product information from authorized dealers. This application will help you in choosing suitable motorcycle products, ranging from selecting product type categories, advantages & product features, to the product color choices. Through this SMARTDEALER Admin application You also get all the latest information and updates from authorized dealers regarding the latest motorcycle products..

PKP Corp

I did an apprenticeship for about 3 months, a lot of experience that I took during the internship is how to work in a company, have new friends, get money from internships. and I got the project which is semeru lite which serves as stock record , sales and other. and this product build using java and postgresql for database, java androoid and java script for web

Projects & Award

Bhisma Course Institute – Kampung Inggris Course

Android App

an application called Bhishma app which is an application of the subject matter taught there. as like I think everything is finished and the knowledge we have is useful for many people

Teras Masjid App

Android App

the project name is TERAS MASJID as online shop using the best fitur is donation for the mosque.

Semeru Lite

Android App

the project name is semeru lite for record sales

Football Match

Android App

About the Match Schedule

Trip Magelang – Yuk ke Magelang

Android App

About Tourism place in Magelang

3rd in Dinacom 2018

Android App

2018, is the year where I can get a chance to enter the competition. at first we were just fad to tell our teacher that we wanted to take part in the competition. And our teacher helped us to prepare for our race and it turns out we got news that we entered the round of 10 and there I didn’t believe at all that I got this opportunity . behind me I want to feel how the competition is, add experience, add friendship relations, and also definitely get a champion.

1st Winner Techomfest 2019

Android App

same as the previous competition this competition is also an unexpected opportunity, because I am also fun to participate in this competition. At first I never thought that I would re-enter this competition, because the distance to enter the Big 3 is very long. and it turned out to get an unexpected opportunity again to join this competition. and
maybe different from previous competitions for this one I am more relaxed but still have progress on what is done.



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